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I have not blogged in quite some time. Either I’m lazy, don’t have any worthy photos to share, not creative or just not enough time. Probably a bit of each. So, this is a long one, so read at your leisure or…. don’t. I will never know.

As usual, every summer around August 11th, I have my entire family over for a BBQ, pool party and games. It’s my parents Anniversary and we tend to want to celebrate for some reason. I don’t think I have ever really wrote about my whole family or their names etc so here is a list of my immediate family. All 42 of them!!

Mom – Mae, Dad -Ritchie, The matriarch and patriarch of our family who have been married 63 years this year. How? we are all still baffled by this. My dad wasn’t always the easiest man to live with. But somehow my mother kept her vows. They do seem to be happier now than before. Maybe because their hearing and eyesight is failing?

Sister- Noreen and now Husband Jim have been married for 12 years. She has two boys from a previous marriage. Noreen we call the “Perfect one or Norton”. To be fair, she is not perfect but being the firstborn, it was always, “Noreen did this, Noreen did that, blah, blah!” We tease her incessantly for this even though it’s not her fault.
Nephew-Will who is married to Sandra who we have not met as for some reason Will does not speak to any of us. I pray this will change someday and we will be reunited. Nephew-Brad who is married to Georja and has a son, Jasper.

Sister- Holly who has been married to Brent for 38 years. We call her Holly Ann Annabella Eliwishes Mahonney Magoon Goon Bertha Mall Kane. She’ll let me know if I have missed any! They never were able to have children but Holly has always taken her Aunt status very seriously and until recently mailed a birthday card to every one of her nieces and nephews each year. I know that my children always asked “did my birthday card come from Aunt Holly yet?” And then ripped it open, waiting for a good chuckle at her humor.

Sister-Nancy who has been married to Todd for 21 years. Nancy is the only one of us who has a designation beside her name. None of us went to University, more so because of finances and probably because we didn’t think we were smart enough. College was it for us and Nancy went to St.Lawrence and became a nurse. She was in the Neo-natal unit the day I gave birth to my 9lb. 4oz daughter. She took her there to clean her up and she looked liked a toddler compared to some of the babies there. Niece -Abby is there daughter who is now 15.

Brother- Rick or Richard Glen Kane III has been married to Pauline for 36 years. She managed to pop out 6 children and two of those at the same time!! Well, I am not sure of that as I wasn’t there but they are definitely twins.
Rick once punched me in the gut because I took his Popeye cards from his room without asking. I passed out and remember waking up on the couch a few hours later. He’s really not a violent person; kids will be kids. I have no hard feelings! LOL
Niece-Melissa married to Richard and has 4 children, Jocelyn, Scarlett, Preston and Spencer.
Niece-Amy married to Shawn and they have one child, Carson
Niece-Stephanie who will marry Ryan this December
Nephew-Jonathon who lives in BC at the moment and dating Heather
Nieces-Allison and Crystal (the twins) married to Jim and Aaron respectively.

Me-Hope and husband Ron who have been married 34 years in October. I was told they called me Hope because they were hoping for a boy, since they had Rick they wanted 3 girls then three boys. So sorry I screwed that up for them! LOL
Daughter Meredith and son-in-law Kenji and son Eliot.

Brother-Randy has been married to Vicki for 27 years this year. Randy was the last born and was the cute little boy with chubby cheeks who thought as as a young child if all the girls were shaving their legs, so should he. He also had seizures when he was young that would freak us all out. My mom was so calm and caring. Just doing what needed to be done for him.
Nephew-Caleb and Niece-Court-Lynne

So, all in all there are 42 of us. It is always fun to get together and we all get along with each other and our spouses. I believe we all chose well in our partners.

This is Mom and her girls. Bottom, Nancy, mom, Noreen and top Holly and Hope
Adding in the boys Randy (left) and Rick (right)
Thought we should add dad in there since he did have a small part to play.
This is my sister Holly always the comical one. Dad was hot so she was blowing on his head to cool him off.
This is all the spouses added in. Jim, on the bottom right, has Alzheimers and did not want to get in the picture but Vicki convinced him to sit in the chair.

This past Thursday night, August 22nd, there was an Night Market at the Memorial Centre that Ron and I went to. I took my camera and realized how much I miss taking picture with an actual camera, not my phone. They are not great photos but I had fun.

Pea Shoots and Flowers, a great combination
I did not buy these but they sure looked good. We did buy an dutch apple fritter though to have at the movie later!
Yes, those are my cool sketchers.
Wood burning Pizza which we really need to try before they close up shop!
Pizza dough
In and out it goes
Such a lovely sight of a place that used to be so run down. Good on ya’ Kingston!

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs……

A little strange but apparently well liked. Didn’t feel like paying for something that I could do myself
Another great idea.
One of my favorite signs!
Another favorite!

After the market, we stopped at Starbucks for a tea to take to the Movie in the Square. It was a nice night, a bit cooler than I wanted but the tea helped!

Easy to figure out what movie this is. Meredith was this character in a production at Drama camp one summer and Eliot also was one of the characters. What movie is it?
This little girl in front of us was hilarious. I don’t think she watched one second of the movie but danced around, stood on the chair and played peek-a-boo with me.
I SHALL talk with you alone! If you don’t know the movie now, you may have lived under a rock.

After the movie, I wandered back to the car, with Ron, taking random photos. Ron would often be ahead wondering where I was.

Never get tired of the top of City Hall at night.
I did!
A great Tea Room. You get to pick your own tea pot. I know that doesn’t sound all that exciting but, it really is!

On Friday, we went downtown for an appointment then breakfast at The Grocery Basket. You purchase your items then go the rooftop patio. It is a great view of the wonderful city I get to call home.

I have a thing for steeples
This made me want to roof hop like the actors do in Mission Impossible. If only…

That’s it, that’s all.

Until we meet again

Summer 2019

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