Yesterday Ron completed the Police Memorial Ride from Aylmer, Ontario to Parliament Hill.  I think that’s around 700-800k, give or take.

Today there was  service at Parliament Hill to honor those that lost their lives in the line of duty.

And I decided to bake!

Here’s a few pictures of the Ride.  I was glad to be able to meet Ron at Fort Henry Hill on Friday September 28th on their way to Ottawa.

The Kingston Police Team that rode.

This is us! 

Ron’s good friend Ken who is retired from Toronto Police.

I like to have something baked for him when he comes home.

The mashed up avocados

This is one of my most used and loved baking items. It’s been broken and taped back together.

If you ever find one out there, let me know as I haven’t been able to find one.

So green

So many options for measuring.  I love the green one because it has 4 different measurements on each side.

Ready for baking

Loafs always take much longer to cook in my oven than suggested in the recipes.  Not sure why.  So, almost 1 hour later out they come.

One to freeze and one to eat!  I quite liked the taste, not too sweet.

Until we meet again.


Sunday Baking

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