August 31st I baked and here it is a month later and I finally get to sharing. Where does time go?

What do you think these combined ingredients will be?

If you’ve read any of my blogs, you should know by know that I love to use my skillet for baking.  And if you haven’t read any yet, shame on you!! LOL

We have two skillets and one is kept explicitly for me to use for baking.  NO eggs and bacon get cooked in this skillet, but I do melt butter!

Add some brown sugar

Stir until you get this!

Add some mushed up banana’s and cinnamon

Flour, baking soda… you know the rest, the usual ingredients for a cake.

One of my fav nuts, pecans

And then add these!!!

Ta! Da!  Strawberry Cake, doesn’t even need anything else.  It was very tasty!

Until we meet again

Dessert Day

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