August 11, 2018 began as a nice warm day and I was thankful because I had just a “few” people coming for our annual Family Party.

Every year around this date, I invite my immediate family of 38 (as of 2018) to celebrate mom and dad’s anniversary.  This year it was 62 years of wedded bliss.  Okay, let’s be real, it wasn’t always bliss!!

We played some games, hung out in the pool, ate some food,  had some laughs, jumped on the trampoline and had many conversations.  It was a fantastic day sharing our love for each other that spans many years.  God is good!

Mom is always a good sport!

Holly was the fetcher and she fetched well!

Guess who won! Thanks Brad for helping lift her tired arms!

Randy doing his best.

I think Rick is playing with his grandson but I can’t be sure…

It was good to have Meredith join us this year.  Hopefully next year Kenji will join us too!

Meredith, Nancy and Abby

Jonathon, Scarlett and Preston

Trampoline time for Spencer

Jocelyn, Spencer and Carson (my great niece and nephews)

My backyard full of love!

Master BBQist (I made that word up)

Court-Lynne’s cake creation again this year.  She might have a future in this.

And of course,  there is always crazy family photos!!

Can anyone be serious???  I think not.

That’s better! Taken in age of birth.  Please take note how close I am to being the youngest!!

And now back to silly!  Oh Holly, she always makes us laugh!

Popsicle’s before heading home.

To another successful party and family time.



2018 Family Party

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