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This post is long overdue, as it has been just over a year now that a new space was added to our house. Life seems to get busy and I haven’t had a lot of motivation to post anything.  I have also just been enjoying our new room.

And a disclaimer, there will be a lot of pictures… just preparing you.

So, it all started at the end of January and lucky for us, we had a mild start of the winter and they were able to dig the foundation.


There were many workmen around and I often didn’t see them but I would come home to more work being done. Here are the floor joist being installed.  Needs to be strong to hold us up! And then the external wall…

Lots of boring, but necessary stuff, happened as you can see below.

This is the opening where our Patio Doors will be going.

Inside starting to take shape

This will be my closet!  Yes, I know. No judging allowed.  You know you all want one.

Let’s  just jump to some fun stuff, shall we….

This is the opening to our old bedroom on the left and the changes happening to our laundry room.  I wasn’t really pushing to have my laundry room moved upstairs but OMG, I am so glad Ron talked me into it!  I love it.

The washer and dryer went on the right and

on the left… this shows our closet in our old bedroom and the change into the folding station and much-needed and appreciated storage.

Now to the en-suite bathroom.  Oh my word, it turned out just as I wanted it to. But, before that was created, a HECK of a lot of mess and dust happened when they broke through our existing wall to make the laundry room and bathroom.  The bathroom is the hole on the left.

This is the other side of that opening, obviously before the laundry room was done.

This is the outlay of the bathroom.  Shower on the right and vanity at the end of the room.

One end to the other.  I Love, Love, Love my choice of white tiles on the wall.  Oh, never to paint a bathroom, my dream!

Hard to believe our bed used to be underneath this window.

These lights look so great when they are on.  They fought me on this.  Couldn’t understand why I wanted lights on the mirrors and also why I wanted them mirror framed.  Well, let me just say, it’s not longer the 70’s.  I win!

The flooring is ceramic tiles that look like wood.  AND, it’s heated.  SO AMAZING!  Good idea Ron. It goes in the closet, bedroom and bathroom.

And now,  DRUM ROLL please!!!!!!

What you have all been waiting for.  Well, probably not but I sure was!


It’ only 10X16! That’s before the added shelving etc. Once again, no judging.

It is in a “U” shape.

On the left is the back wall. No more dressers in our room. Lots of storage and drawers for both of us. And on the right is opposite of the that.  The mirrors open up in a butterfly fashion.  Which, men, decided would be a good idea.  SAY what??  Yes, brilliant. Behind the mirrors showcases my jewellery.

Long and short hanging area and more shelving.

WAIT, there’s more.  I know, I am sorry but this was so fun to help create that I have to show it.

Yes, for shoes!  Thankful I have small feet, which allows me to put more than normal people.  BTW, Ron did get a couple sliders, okay, maybe just one!

On the left is the beginning of the opening of the closet doors, and below that is the open and closed look one the doors were installed.

And here is our new King Size bed, because a queen might have looked a little small.  I love the colours, I love the room, I love that we saved our whole lives to do this and I love Ron for instigating this.

I know people have asked why do you need to do it when you no longer have kids at home. Well, first of all we never would have been able to do this when Meredith and Eliot were living with us. First, financially and also we slept in Meredith’s old room. I don’t think either of them would have appreciated having us sleep with them. Now when they come home to visit, they have their own bathroom.  So, be happy for people that are blessed to make changes or do things that maybe you would like to be able to do.  You’re time will come.

Until we meet again, maybe in my closet!!

Add – it – on or Addition

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