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I seem to go for months without blogging anything.  I guess I either am pretty boring or I just haven’t taken any good pictures I want to share.

Well, this is a worthy post for many reasons which if you stop reading here, you will never know why.  We headed to Boston on April 12, 2018 and returned April 17.  We decided to drive because Meredith and Kenji wanted to join us, which we were very pleased about.  Something about your grown children still wanting to hang out with you makes you all smiley and happy inside.  Don’t get me wrong, I am sure by day 4 or 5 they were getting ready to be heading home.  But I am always thankful and blessed that they do like us.

So this trip started, if you don’t know by now, because Ron qualified for the Boston Marathon.  Yes, you have to get a certain time in your age group in a previous Marathon you have done and then you still have to be accepted because if there were 10 people faster than you, they may get in instead.  So, my speedy husband made it in and trained long and hard for the BAA 2018.

But First

Meredith found a really cute Airbnb which happened to be on the marathon route so I booked it with a little anxiety.  Why wasn’t it already booked? Why wasn’t the owner responding to my emails and texts, after I booked?  Well, apparently when you book  5 months before they owners are not quite interested in you yet, they are more concerned with the 15 other people who have booked before you.  LOL!

We are the third window up

So, we arrived on Thursday night right around dinner and shockingly Ron was hungry.  Kenji’s brother had lived in Boston before and we were told to go to a restaurant that they had eaten in.  It was a little pasta place called Basta Pasta.  We decided to walk because we had spent 7 hours in a car.  On the way, we came across this: (It’s a video that I hope works)

Exercise in the Park

Dinner was great and we headed back to the Apartment in a Uber since it was pouring rain.

The next day Ron had to pick up his Race Kit and we had to check out the Sport Expo.  But first, breakfast.  We went to this bakery everyday because coffee and breakfast was great.

We were number ONE!!!

Loved the lights

Meredith took this of the great floor and mom and daughter feet

Ron spent a truckload of money on Boston Marathon clothing but hey, who am I to talk!  Not much else happened during the day, but I took some pictures of buildings as we walked.

There was a line up to get your picture taken so this random girl is in the photo but, so is Ron!

He’s cold and thinking about the next day

Of course, we had to go to Fenway Park while we were there to see a ball game.  Taylor from our Airbnb told us about a restaurant that she said was call The Dugout where you could have dinner then get into the stadium through the back of the restaurant.  It ended up being called The Bullpen. She was close.  This lady showed us where it was as she was going there.  We wanted her to keep talking because her Boston accent was awesome.

Ron taking it all in!

Had to take a selfie

Another video of Meredith and I singing the Red Sox Song

Sweet Caroline

Day 3, we had to go to Hawvawd (Harvard) because Meredith wanted to pick up a Law degree!  Such old buildings and quite majestic looking.  But on our walk there, first these not so majestic buildings.  This one seems a bit creepy, staring at us.

And this one that was just a little bit crooked!!

Now for Harvard Library

Guess what Ron is reading??  Nope, not a Library book but yes, a tour book.  He is great for finding out information.

This was a ceiling of a porch at one of the buildings.

We stopped at this place as Kenji and Meredith and heard of it and of course they all wanted coffee, forgetting that poor little me doesn’t drink coffee. But, I loved the colours!

Then we did some more walking and taking of pictures.

I don’t know what Ron is looking at but clearing Meredith and Kenji are not interested

Had to take a picture of this pretty turquoise building

On our way back, we had to go to get Cannolis and the best place is Mike’s Pastry.  The line-ups are insane.  We were actually lucky to get in as quick as we did.

Day 4, we walked around a bit but it was really cold and headed back to the apartment to warm up.

 We saw this cool bookstore that we had to check out.

This Photo was on the wall down the above alley where we parked our car.  Reminded me of Eliot.

And then this reminded me of him even more!!

Okay, I could not fix this picture,  I tried so many times but I’ve added it anyway because I just wanted to show how cold it was.  I went out by myself for a bit and had to borrow Meredith’s hat because it was so cold, even though the day before we were hot and in short sleeves.  Little did we know what the next day would be like.

So, the day we actually went for. Meredith and Kenji’s 2nd Anniversary.  Oh, wait, right the Boston Marathon.  Ron got up early and had to head out to catch the transit to get to the buses that took the runners to Hopkinton where the start line is.

It was raining and it never stopped the whole day.  The winds were 30-40km and it was cold.

Our apartment was at the 40K mark so we watched a lot of people go by. Some running, some walking and some wavering.

Meredith went with Kenji before we went out as he had to head back to Toronto by plane and she was smart enough to buy these awesome, stylish ponchos for us.  She’s a bright girl.  I think Target made a killing that day.

This is hilarious!  I was carrying Ron’s dry clothes and boots for after the race, either that or I ate too many cannolis.

We were able to track Ron and know where he was on the route.  So we decided to go close to the finish line which was only 2k from our place.  It was terrible weather, we were soaked.  I know, it’ about Ron!  Well, he was soaked too as you can see here.  We were yelling his name and could see him looking around.  He came right over and I hugged him then gave him a little push to the finish line.

Off he goes to finish it off!

He finished at 3:50:32.  Pretty amazing for such terrible, cold, weather.  The worst they have had for the Boston Marathon in many years. Crazy!  We then had to get to the “L” family station so that I could get him his warm clothes.  He finally texted me and he was inside this restaurant/bar and he was shivering.  He got his socks and shoes off and put on some dry ones and then his pants and off we went at a snail pace to get a uber back to the apartment so he could get in the tub to get warm. It was a short evening.  We went to Wahlburgers for dinner and that was about it.

Day 5 was our last day and we were driving home.  We walked once again to Tatte Bakery for breakfast and then headed home.

A few last-minute snacks/pictures

Probably should have cleaned off the bird poop on by shoe first.  Not quite as spectacular as Mer’s picture

Until we meet again







“Wicked Smaht” in Boston

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2 thoughts on ““Wicked Smaht” in Boston

  1. I was really hoping that you would write the entire post with a Boston accent, but that’s how I read it anyways. 🙂 I always like your stories. Even though you take a loooooong time to get them onto the World Wide Web. Well…not this one.

  2. So much FUN to read and ‘journey’ alongside in our warm dry clothes. WAY TO GO RON!! WOW impressive. Nice post and pics HOPE!!

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