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Well, hello friends, family and whoever reads this.  What do most of us say this time of year?

Where did the summer go??

Well, since it was 30 degrees Celsius today, it is still here, even though it’ September 23rd, 2017

This summer was a bit of blur for us. We had four weddings to attend and then decided somewhat last-minute to go to Vancouver/Tofino for 9 days. So, this is a bit of that trip and a bit more “stuff”.

We landed in Vancouver on July 21st and went right to Meredith’s work.  It’s always fun to see your children working.  She made (and this is not biased, really) the best London Fog I have ever had.  She said it is the way JJ Bean do theirs, which is so much better than Starbucks. I totally agreed!

She had to work for a bit so we left our suitcases and ventured out for a much-needed walk after sitting on flights for most of the morning.

After she was done, we headed over to the apartment that we were able to rent for a few days then went to Kenji’s place of business which the is JJ Bean Head Office in Vancouver.

The above photo is actually all the different coffees that will be roasted.

Kenji also designed this image for the coffee/tea cups. Talent!

We did lots of walking and I took a lot of photos of flowers and trees!

Of course, we had to do at least one hike and Meredith chose a great one for us.  The only problem was so did many other people.  But the view was spectacular!

We are going WAY over there!

Aren’t they cute!

And we made it to the top!

No I am not pushing him off. Holding on to make sure he doesn’t fall. Looks like we are going to say vows or something! LOL

Not sure what is happening here. You decide.

There we go!

Kenji did not get close to the edge as he is afraid of heights.

Crazy hair!

My very own woodsman.

Dinosaur Leaves.  They were HUGE!!

Sunday night we had supper on the beach.  Kenji keeps a BBQ in his truck and we made some burgers.  It was great.

We played some Bocce ball on the beach, never played before but it was fun.

The sunsets are amazing! Mountains probably have something to do with that.

On the Monday afternoon, we flew to Tofino as  Eliot moved there in March of this year.

One of the smallest planes I have ever been on.  Held 8 passengers.

The views were amazing though and only 30 – 40 minutes!

This is the view from The Common Loaf where Eliot did work for a bit before his current job.  His friend Ilia had made us a plate of sweets to enjoy before dinner!  Just the way I like it, dessert first.

This is where we had dinner.  Eliot’s private beach.  We picked up clam chowder and walked here.  It was fantastic.

These are usually under water but the tide was WAY out!

I love this picture of Father and Son catching up!  Warms my heart.

This was our view for breakfast the next morning.  Eliot took us to Tofino Botanical Gardens.  It was so wonderful. Outside looking at beautiful scenery.

Then we went to Cox Beach with the bikes we rented from Eliot and then hiked and biked.

We hiked up and the view, once again, was great!

Love this photo of Eliot.  Such a great smile.

Sometimes he scares me!  Such a risk taker.

The bald-headed Eagle and his home.

Flowers growing in the ditch in Tofino.  Beautiful.

We only stayed two days with Eliot but we filled it with cycling, eating, hiking and hanging out with his friends around a bonfire on the beach with guitars and singing.  It was such a great time.  So thankful for children that share their lives and friends with us.

Back in Vancouver, we stayed at this B&B until we left. I highly recommend it.  Breakfast was wonderful and even offered me wine one night on the porch.

Just playing around with my camera!

On Thursday, Denise was in Vancouver and met up with Ron and I at CBC to hear The Long War during lunch time.  We then met Paul and Rochelle and Meredith joined us for pizza at the park for dinner.  Another Great Day.

Friday night we got all gussied up and went to Savio Volte where Kenji used to work and had the BEST meal!  They just kept bringing food.


On Saturday we wanted to rent tandem bikes for us but we were only able to rent one tandem and then two bikes so we shared.

Here’s the men showing them off.

Saturday afternoon, I was blessed to hang out with Grace and Allyson at The Secret Garden for a little girl time.

Saturday night we had dinner on the rooftop of Meredith and Kenji’s apartment.

So, needless to say, it was a wonderful trip and the best news we got was that Kenji is being transferred to Toronto for his job so I will get my girl closer and will be heading to Toronto as often as I can.

Thanks for reading!

Until we meet again.





Summer 2017

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