June 26th being one of the hottest days yet this summer, Ron and I decided to stand on black asphalt and listen to jazz.

It was part of the Skeleton Park Festival.

It started at Elm Cafe which just happens to be owned by Matt and Edith.  Matt was a guy that Eliot did quite a bit of mountain bike riding before college. Great guy and great cafe.  Check it out.  It’s at 303 Montreal Street


They are just starting to set up.  Not a large spot but a lot of people came.



 After this performance, we headed outside and followed the Rhode Island Band down the street to the first Porch.


This band was quite excellent.



This band was not that great but they were certainly having fun.


You know me, I have to add some flower photos!


It was so hot that even I had to take a break under this great tree in the shade during one of the performances.


It was a great afternoon, enjoying local music and ended with gelato!

Until we meet again

Porch Jazz

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