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I must first start by a few apologies.

  1. This is a long overdue post as I had run out of room on my old blog and couldn’t add any more photos
  2. This will be a long post with many photos.  I like taking photos and sometimes have a hard time choosing which ones to add.
  3. I am not the best photographer by any means and as you obviously know, don’t spend time photo shopping them.

I went to Vancouver for my birthday in October.  So thankful for a husband that doesn’t mind be traveling without him or spending his hard-earned money. When I got to the airport, I asked if I could have an upgrade since it was my birthday in a few days.  She said sure! and put me in First Class.  I was quite shocked.  I did ask again on the way home and was told “we never do that, and it will cost you $120”.  Oh well, he obviously didn’t get the memo!


I am not sure if this was taking off from Ottawa or landing in Vancouver.  I’m guessing Ottawa as I don’t see many mountains.

Being in First Class, everything is free.  I could have had any beverages and food I wanted.  Due to the fact it was about 9:00 am I chose not to go for wine. But I did order food even though I didn’t really need to eat.

air food

The day I landed in Vancouver, Meredith was working that day so my BFF Denise who lives in Kelowna made the trek to Vancouver to spend the day with me.  It was so special of her to do that.  She had our day planned with some cute stores she wanted to go to.  I took the skytrain from the airport to a designated spot and there she was, down the street waving at me!

I do not remember the name of the places we went but they were mostly stores with paper, cards and card stock.  The first one had typewriters (for those of you under the age of 20, they came before computers) and they actually had evenings where you could go a type a letter to send in the mail. What a great idea!




Denise and I had a great day and wandered around and popped in and out of many places.  It’s so easy to be with her. We get each other.

We had lunch in Kitsilano and this was our view.

Kits beach

You could hang your bike at the side of the restaurant as there are many cyclists.


Of course, we had to stop at some point and celebrate with cake for my birthday.

The Last Crumb

birthday treat

Peanut butter something, something yummy!

This place was just around the corner from where Meredith lived but I didn’t know that at the time since I hadn’t been there yet.


We then picked Meredith up at her place of work and she took us for a walk.

This is Olympic Village and also close to where Meredith will be moving eventually.


Of course we had to get some photos of Denise and I, thank you Meredith.

Always laughing!

Denise laugh

We all need a friend that will fix you!

friends fix friends

And now for the good one!

Friends for life

We are even matchy!  Kindred Spirits! LOL


We then had dinner with Denise at this great Pizza place and she drove us to Meredith’s place and she headed back home to Kelowna.

This is Meredith’s place.  She lives at the back and in the basement apartment with Allyson.

Mer's house


If you have your left side to her house this is what you see.


At the end of this street, on the right corner there is this coffee shop.

Coco et Olive

I went there and had a tea latte one morning so I wouldn’t wake Meredith.  She arrived later looking very cool!


The day after I arrived, Kenji and Meredith took me here

Lynn Canyon

But first we had breakfast at this neat little place where there were just long tables and sort of help yourself tea.

Breakfast day 1


We needed the nourishment to head off for our hike.  It was a beautiful day on October 1st and the hike was beautiful as well.P1070500



Cobwebs and sunbeams



We had to stop for…. aren’t they cute!


cute couple

mer and Kenji

And the Bridge with Spider man


less blury no Meredith

Such a vibrate green colour.





Don’t do it Meredith!


It was very cold water


Gorgeous Trees


Maple Meredith!

maple mer



It was really a beautiful day and it ended with us changing in the parking lot into other clothes so we could head out looking a bit nicer.  Mostly Kenji! LOL

And we used the washroom before we left and this sign is in the stall.  I could not stop laughing at it.


Not sure who needs to be told NOT to do this!!

I will post my actual Birthday, Birthday on its own, it needs its own post!

Until we meet again

Vancouver Birthday

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