October 2, 2015


Let’s just get it out there, I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY.

Okay, I said it.  I don’t necessarily need presents, but I do need people.  I love celebrating with whoever wants to be with me.

This year is was my daughter Meredith and her boyfriend Kenji, then later, her roommate Allyson and her boyfriend Chapman.  It was a great day!

We started off here! In a couple posts back, I made a recipe from the cookbook of the owner of this establishment.

This is one of Meredith’s favorite finds in Vancouver and I have to agree.


I come to find out that the owner also shares by birthday. I would not have know that if Meredith had kept me from talking to her!

So, I had cake for breakfast!

Birthday breakfast cake

It was fabulous, even though it was only a white cake.  But really, do you need more for breakfast?

Such a very pretty bakery

Mer birthday

The many faces of Kenji and I


Kenji and I



Happy Birthday to me


We came back here on Saturday as it is the only day that she makes her infamous cinnamon buns!

Not you typical ones, but peach, maple…awesomeness

Cinnamon Buns

From there, we went to look at some houses that were a bit out of our budget.  Okay, that’s an understatement!

These house were 1.2 to 2 million dollars.  I have not pictures because you could see them through gates.

This is what you see behind their houses though, on their, probably very elite balconies.


It was a misty, grey day so not super clear photos.Meredith


On a Pedestal!





The next day, Meredith had planned a surprise for me and clearly she is my daughter and knows me well.

This is where we landed for an afternoon and her roommate joined us.  So nice of her to take the time to celebrate with me.

Neverland Tea Salon

Such a Great quote.


We had so much tea but it was so much fun and lovely!

I was truly blessed.

Tea cups


Tea for 2 or 3

Tea for 2



A wonderful shop and afternoon spent with my wonderful daughter.  Thank you honey!


The night ended with drinks first than dinner with Allyson and Chapman joining us!

birthday drink

Overall, a wonderful, fantastic, fun-filled day.

Until we meet again.

Vancouver Birthday Part 2

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