My first post of the year and first post in my new Blog.  I was having issues with my other blog so I asked my dear friend Carol if she had any suggestions.  She is a computer guru and amazing at what she does.  Don’t ask me what she does because I really don’t know, I just know if you need a website designed or help with one you need to contact her at

I received another cookbook from Meredith way back in October (I will blog that someday!) when I went to Vancouver for my birthday.

Butter Baked Goods

She won this at a bingo and had the owner sign it.  I actually went to this bakery when I was there.

Sgined bookThis is the first recipe I am making from it.  That is pretty pathetic I know, but it was worth the wait.

The Recipe

It doesn’t take anything too strange which was good because I didn’t really know what I was going to make for dessert and my in-laws were coming over for dinner.

Of course, you need apples and you need to peel, core and chop.

Nothing unusual in the batter, butter, eggs, oil, vanilla.

I made my own vanilla a few years ago and probably should make some more when this is empty.

Homemade Vanilla extract

The recipe suggested sifting the dry ingredients on parchment paper.  I’d never heard of that but I thought, what the heck, might as well try it.

Flour etc.

Everything gets mixed up then you add the apples.

Mixin' up the apples

Throw into the pan

Ready to cook

And bake

Out of the oven

While it is baking, you make the sauce, which is just butter, whipping cream and maple syrup! No calories there. LOL  But, wowza is it good.

Making sauce

I put it in a jar to keep for other things I might like to pour it on.

Maple Syrup sauce

Sauce in a jar

The finished, ready to serve project!

Ready to eat

Quite good, a keeper.

Until we meet again

Apple Cake

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