A party without a cake is just a meeting.

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As per my title, it has been 8 1/2 months since we have seen Meredith.  Far too long in my books and many hair colour changes later!

We picked her up at the airport and thought we were picking up both her and Kenji but he had already arrived and she thought she had told us and maybe she did.  Regardless, we were happy to see her.  After a few hugs and kisses we were off to Whitby were Kenji’s mom lives and where he was going to make dinner for all of us.

It was a pleasant and easy ride, even with the Pan-Am games on.  I am sure we asked a lot of questions but I don’t really remember, it was just great to hear her voice again and listen to her tell us of her life in Vancouver and what was on her heart and mind.

When we got there, Meredith picked up Kenji, literally, and hugged him and then we went into the kitchen where Kenji was already preparing food for dinner.  The Rib Fest was on so we decided to walk over there and check it out. Not sure what we were talking about but the expressions are awesome!  Make up your own story, that’s always fun.

Meredith and Hope


p1070230Of course, we had to get a Bloomin’ Onion.  Nothing like fried onions to make your day. I think the Shark likes it!

P1070235And of course we had Ribs





P1070236Had to stop at the LCBO on our way back before dinner, of course.  Meredith thought this picture looked like a Paparazzi photo of celebrities, out doing their groceries.  I agree!

P1070238Then this happened.

What are ya’, 5??

P1070239Well, it’s not my kitchen but a kitchen none the less.  My favourite place to share with those I love!

P1070240Kenji’s end result.  The cornbread muffins were to die for!!  Gotta’ get that recipe.

P1070241We visited for quite a while then we headed over to Ken’s bachelor pad to sleep.  Ken “lives” in Whitby but is not there often and when he heard we were going he suggested we stay at his place rather than a hotel.
So kind of him and great for us.

Saturday morning we hooked up again and went in to Toronto and our first stop was The Stockyards.  If you are ever in Toronto, you MUST go here for breakfast.  One of the best ones I had, and in 50 years, I’ve had a LOT of breakfasts!!

You sit at the bar and watch them cook it.  Meredith and Kenji ate there quite a bit when they lived in Toronto and the waitress recognized Kenji but wasn’t sure about Meredith.  She thought she was a redhead!  Go Figure!

P1070244The best biscuits, Chicken on Waffles (who knew this was thing), smoked fish and eggs,




 The Stockyard and the special, which I can’t remember what it was called



We then walked around Toronto and checked out various stores.

Love this sign!



Trying to be creative with photos but not always very good at that.  Kenji doesn’t really like his picture being taken but I did manage to get one good one. Aren’t they cute!



And a few of me and my cute little girl!



I loved these colours!


Of course we had to stop at a Brewery!

Bellwoods Brewery on Ossington Ave.  Great spot and beautiful inside.




That’s where we sat!




Meredith was trying to teach me how to take some photos with blurry in front and back.  Unfortunately, my camera is not quite good enough for that.


I just love this cute little face!

p1070287Little blurry but here new earrings and a store we stopped at.



p1070285That’s it, it’s all I got.  Short visit but it was so great to see both her and Kenji and hug them.

I am very proud of her and how she has taken her life out to Vancouver and found work.

She continually makes good choices with friends and I am so thankful for that.

She never ceases to amaze us and we love her dearly.

 I do hope that we get to see each other more often!

Until we meet again

Eight and half months later

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  1. how long are they “home” for? those breakfasts don’t look like breakfast.. i’m not quite sure that would appeal to me in the morning…. LOVE Mer’s earrings!!

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