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Wednesday July  1st., we decided to head to Alexandria, VA and we didn’t even wear red and white, shame on us!

It was a beautiful little town.

We started on this cute little residential street.



Then I found a great consignment shop where I found a great pair of shoes for $19. If it hadn’t been quite so warm,I probably would have tried on a few items of clothing but I wasn’t quite in the mood.  I know, hard to believe even for me!


We got on the trolley, where you could hop on and off, right by this sign.  Ron was getting pretty hungry so we looked at a map to see where to get off for a bit to eat.

p1070031We went into a place called Bittersweet Catering that sold sandwiches, salads etc.  This little old lady, that reminded us of Sue Baker’s mom got to talking to Ron about his hand.  So he told her the whole story then we ordered our sandwiches.

I went to get us some water and came back to the table and lo and behold these were there!



It pays to take an invalid with you, they feel sorry for you and you get stuff for free!!

These were the best cupcakes I have ever had, not that I have and A LOT of them but they were so moist and just plain awesome!

We then stopped into this little gem for Ron.  Since he doesn’t eat cupcakes he needed something for him.

He was a bit happier after this.  Took some of the pain from his hand.


July 2nd, we had to head back in to Washington, DC to the clinic so the Dr. could take a look at his hand.

We didn’t have to wait too long this time.  He took all the padding and bandages off which Ron was happy about and told Ron what he did during the surgery.

He brought home more than just the Gold metal!!


After this, we were sent back over to Emily Jeter’s office so they could make another splint for his hand that would stabilize his wrist a bit.

Such wonderful people and they were so kind to Ron,  he got kisses, hugs and even a pat on the bum on his way out the door!

After that, we were able to become tourists for the day.

The first thing we did was go look for something to eat.

I found this truck and thought of Kenji because he would love to open and Taco Restaurant or maybe just a truck stop.

p1070036We found this small little diner and because of the name, we couldn’t resist.  Casey was Ron’s uncle who passed away a few years ago and was a wonderful man.

The breakfast was pretty good too.


This made me think of Eliot.

It’s called “Let if Flow”


Wouldn’t be complete without taking pictures of some sort of flowers!

These trees were everywhere.


We then drove to Union Station in DC to take the Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus.

Here we are all ready for the adventure of the day! He still smiles even after a broken hand, surgery and not being able to participate in the Road Bike Race.


The tour guide on this bus was horrible.  More interested in telling us about himself rather than the history of Washington and the monuments. We learned more from our friends they him.  Apparently all the monuments are in a straight line.

Washington Monument


Lincoln Memorial


p1070046Not a famous monument but….


A very old building. I loved the architecture


And, of course, THE WHITE HOUSE!

I so just wanted to jump the fence and walk up to the door.  That wouldn’t be a problem, would it?



We went to the Holocaust Museum, it was overwhelming.  It’s a good thing they are all free.

I liked this quote.


At the American History Museum, this room was the most popular.

The First Lady Dresses.

Michelle Obama’s dress  Does it not look like glittery spiders sewn on?  Are spiders her favourite? I wonder??


I thought of Meredith when I saw this, she likes dinosaurs for some reason.


A whole room of Gems

And this was made for me!! My colours and everything.  Although Meredith told me it is cursed and anyone who wears it dies. I still want it!


The photo does not do it justice.  Absolutely stunning.  I can understand why people want to steal it.


More of my colour choice.



Can’t remember what this museum was, because I was just so enthralled that I found “someone” with a bigger nose!



We stopped at this Irish pub for dinner and it was REALLY good food and Ron got to tell his story again to the waiter.

I had this cider and it was lovely.  Thought of you Carol.


On our way back to the car ( which took a little while..) we stopped at the Law Enforcement Memorial. It was quite touching.  So many wreaths for those that have died.




Great quotes




We ended the day with friends Ron knew but I have met for the first time and look forward to many more dinners together.

Judy and Ken


And the medals and Ron is not asleep but he is still smiling.



Until we meet again.

Alexandria, Washington, Springfield

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2 thoughts on “Alexandria, Washington, Springfield

  1. i wish i could comment on individual pictures.. 🙂 I love that the monuments are in a straight line.. but the first pic you took of the Washington Monument is so NOT straight.. made me giggle!! Casey loved his coffee.. i miss having coffee with him. Next week will be 15 yrs he’s been gone. 🙁 Looks like you had a fabulous time, in spite of Ron’s injury!

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