Actually,  Race Day was yesterday but we have been a little busy since then.  More on that later!


Ron didn’t sleep well, so he was up early to eat and get his body ready for the , 20 km loop race at Fountainhead Regional Park.

We got there early enough to register, sign forms and get the bike ready.



I thought the six was the age he acts sometimes but it isn’t, it’s the age group, 50-54.


Rob Etherington from Kingston Police, also participated and he was pumped and ready as well.  That’s his pumped and ready face!


The race started at the bottom of the hill and in age groups with 3 minutes apart.  Ron’s started at 8:12 am

Rob’s WAY younger so he came up first.


Ron was not far behind this is Ron’s focus face!


After this I had to run into the woods to catch the action there.

This is Rob coming around the corner.


I think Ron is somewhere in the woods there!  Look for a streak of red!

This is speedy Rob going around the corner at break neck speed!


Here’s comes Ron now, I thought I had missed him but I didn’t.  He is the second guy!


His break neck speed doesn’t seem to be as fast as Rob’s.  hmmmm


This is Ron finishing his first lap.  Apparently he passed Rob somewhere in the woods!

I also think Ron was the first #6 that had come through, but time will tell.


Always smiling even though… at this point he was pretty sure he broke his finger!

I had him doing his first lap at around 37 minutes which was for 6.3 milesish!


Here he goes to finish his second and final lap!  Excitement is building.  Well, it was for me I am not sure anyone else was that excited for him.


Here comes Rob finishing his first lap now.


I don’t think Rob is smiling at this point, if so, it might be more of a grimace!


AND!! over the finish line comes Ron!  All happy to be done.


Did he defend his Gold title from Ireland!!!


The answer is YES!!

So proud of him, he works hard.  I should know, he is rarely off his bike!


And than, the real fun began.  He did actually break his finger and we ended up driving to Washington, DC to meet up with Shur Hashemi the #1 Nerve and Joint Doctor.  God is good.  The top Orthopedic surgeon was at the Mountain bike games and referred us to him.  We went to his office then over to a Therapy clinic to have a splint made.  Such wonderful people.


The Therapy Clinic had some interesting patients previously



We then walked around a little bit and had dinner in downtown Washington.  A bizarre day!


Here Ron is contemplating doing the Road Race on Thursday.

At the moment of typing this, Ron is in surgery at the Inova Fairfax Hospital have a metal wire put into his hand by Dr. Hashemi.

So, I think the Road Race might be out of question but the jury is still out on that.

I’m tired of sitting and Ron hasn’t eaten since last night at 10:00 and if any of you know him, you know that is UNHEARD of.

So, I am back to the waiting room to wait, because that’s what you do there!

Until we meet again.

Race Day

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