So, two years ago we were in Ireland for the World Police Fire Games, where Ron participated in the Mountain Bike Event.  Because we could drive this year, he decided to participate in both the Mountain Bike and Road Cycle competition.

It was a long drive; close to 8 hours,  but we made it without poking each others eyes out!

It did start off with a bit more excitement then we needed.  We got to the border and it showed were on EMPTY.  We got more nervous as we had to wait to get to the kiosk.  We asked one of the employees how many kilometers to the nearest gas station.  He said 3 to 4 Km.   Fingers crossed.

I drove slow and sure enough we made it.  Good to know how far we can actually go on empty! Not that I want to do that again.

I only took a couple of pictures on the way.



p1060957Saturday we drove to Reston so Ron could register for the events.  The day we registered in New York City, it rained, the day we drove to Belfast to register it rained and it rained on Saturday.  It rained A LOT on Saturday.

p1060959We did manage to  have some lunch and get a few pictures between the downpours.



p1060965                    Virginia is for lovers so here we are.

p1060980Ron was told that due to the amount of rain, he would not be able to pre-ride the course on Sunday.  Ron was disappointed but they did say we could walk it so we decided we would do that.

Sunday was a beautiful day so we slept in a bit and then headed to the trails to walk it.

p1060981Ron didn’t think it was too bad at all. I didn’t really agree but of course, I don’t Mountain Bike!

p1060982The rocks are interesting here, very marble like, not like at home.

p1060985In Mountain Bike speech, these rocks are called baby heads.

p1060987There will be a few more bike tires then this tomorrow.




A weird reddish mushroom.

p1060991So, after our 8.5km walk, we were told they were opening the trials for a pre-ride after all.  So, Ron dropped me off at the hotel and he went back to ride and I went to shop!!

Overall, a great day.

WPFG 2015 in Fairfax Virginia

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