Ron LOVES coffee.

A client at work was talking about the best coffee.

So, I asked her what coffee she drank.  She told me gets it from Pilot Coffee Roasters in Toronto.

Of course, I googled it and found that it was quite expensive to have it mailed.

I thought, why not just take Ron there for his birthday because, that is way cheaper!!!  Well, not really but way more fun.

So, I was on their site and realized that RIGHT beside Pilot Coffee there was a brewery called Left Field Brewery.

Ron LOVES Beer.

Ron LOVES Baseball.

So, that just made the trip even sweeter.

I noticed that you could not buy any food at either the Brewery or the Coffee place so googled restaurants or cafe close by.

I found this place called:

img_0136All farm fresh local items!  it was fabulous!

We walked in and of course they sold Pilot Coffee.

Ron was so excited, “This is the exact coffee if want” he says.

I respond, “You can’t have a coffee”

“But I have to have a coffee” he says.

And so the conversation goes on and on.

Then a little light bulb goes on and he stops asking.

We get in the car and we head toward Pilot.

He still doesn’t know where we are going for sure.

Just before we get there, I say he has a choice of having beer or coffee with his lunch. And I tell him about the brewery

After much deliberation, he decides, beer with lunch and coffee with his treat.

img_0137-e1433380533529I wasn’t really on the ball and didn’t take any other pictures of the beer or place.  Duh!

Ron loved the beer and wanted to buy some to take home but they were COMPLETELY sold out.  Go figure!

After he tasted all the different kinds, we headed over to Pilot Coffee Roasters

img_0165Such a cool place.

img_0138It’s pretty much a tasting bar although I am sure you can also just order a coffee.

img_0157Your first item is an espresso and you can choose the coffee flavour or they can for you.  Ron let them choose for him

img_0140 He drank the espresso so fast I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture.

Here are the remnants.


img_0147Next is the Brew Method.

This is the Pour Over.


img_0155Ron quite liked this as well.

img_0156Ron bought a homemade Pop Tart from Lazy Daisy and I bought a Lemon Bar.  I also brought a tea with me.


img_0149The third and last was Cold Brew, which was Nitro Cold Brew.




img_0163Just gets darker and apparently very good.

Overall, I think it was a good day and he enjoyed the many different flavours!

Next time we go, we are going to this place!

img_0166Until we meet again.

The Birthday Surprise for Ron

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