Victoria weekend we decided to head over to Jordan to hang out with cousins.

Amy suggested coming because she didn’t think I had been there when the blossoms were in full swing.  I believe she was right.  We didn’t have any plans other than just being with family and enjoying ourselves with good people, good food and good wine.

The blossoms did not disappoint.  On Friday on our way to Niagara, we stopped along the way and I took these.

We then drove to a park that was full off Lilacs.  The smell was fantastic.

p1060911Don’t we match well?? And that wasn’t even planned!

Then we drove to Niagara Park and Botanical Gardens and walked around there.

p1060915A rather small urn!! How many pansies fill this?? And Amy was dead heading them. Silly girl.

p1060917And we saw this little creature along the way.

These two pictures are of a tree called Redbud.  Weird, I know, because clearly they are purple.

Maybe God had sunglasses on when he named it?


p1060918So beautiful.





Then we saw some very cool trees.

Like this Harlequin Maple.

I so wanted those people to move but they just wouldn’t budge!! And they were not reading a Harlequin Romance either!!

So perfectly formed, isn’t it?



p1060926And then the amazing Tulips

There was a whole stretch of these beautiful trees that looked like mini carnations.


p1060933We then went to Amy and Bill’s favourite restaurant with John and Helena, called Pho Xyclo.  I have no pictures of the food because we were so hungry!  But if you are ever in Niagara you should try this.

We then did a bit of shopping, well, some of us did!

John, Ron and Bill were handsomely, patient!

the-menAnd then, on Saturday, this happened.

ron-in-hammockThank you Bill and Amy for always being the best tour guides and John and Helena for being the best hosts.

Until we meet again.


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One thought on “Blossoms

  1. great post! love all the pics, and the memories! Thanks for coming, we always have such a great time with you guys!

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