I loaded these pictures quite awhile ago and don’t even remember why I made this cake but I am sure you don’t care why I made or that I even did but I am blogging it anyway.

I am pretty sure I went to another dinner and probably at Maria’s.

Zucchini cake 008

You can see the whole recipe here so I don’t need to tell you what, when how or anything really.  You just need to get a bundt pan out check for the ingredients and you are ready to go.

So, this post will be pretty boring all in all

Zucchini cake 009

Buttered and Floured pan

Zucchini cake 010

Zucchini cake 011

Melted Butter

Zucchini cake 012

Zucchini before….

Zucchini cake 013

Zucchini after,  I know, pretty exciting stuff

Zucchini cake 014

Batter all ready to be combined

Zucchini cake 015

Cooked and cooling before frosting

Zucchini cake 017

So pretty and ready to frost but first we must make it…

Zucchini cake 016

This was a really good recipe for this cake

Oh, I almost forgot, I made some vanilla extract for Christmas gifts and kept some for myself and I used it in this recipe.  It was so good.  It’s basically Vodka and vanilla beans.  Not necessarily cheap but I would think cheaper than buying Pure Vanilla Extract.

Zucchini cake 018

Zucchini cake 019

Why does the frosting recipe always seem to make enough for 3 cakes.  I think it is about 2 inches thick on this cake.

But, it was OH so scrumptious.

Until we meet again

Pounding out the Cake

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