We had the privilege and honor of spending the day with our long time friends Mike and Candice.

We had a late start but that’s okay because we now have an open invitation to use a hot tub, with the most jets ever, whenever we want.  Right Candice?

Candice made a reservation at The Ivy Restaurant in Gananoque for dinner so Mike thought we should tour the 1000 Islands in his boat.  We didn’t get to see all 1000 islands, but we did see quite a few.

boating 002

boating 003The 1000 Island bridge.

and a bit closer

boating 004

And closer yet!
boating 005

Candice was very intent on finding out where we were.

boating 007

A weird statue on the hill

boating 006

We learned that what I thought were maps are actually Charts and those things that keep the boat from banging against the dock are fenders.  Who knew?  Well, apparently Mike did.

We stopped at this Island and had some lunch which we didn’t have to share with anyone.  The Island, not the lunch. Well, we didn’t have to share the lunch either.  Oh my you get it!

boating 012

Not the best picture but you can tell they are enjoying the lunch I brought.  I found the best gluten-free bread and Pan Chancho .

boating 010

This was the way to the Ladies Room, that is a very nice way to say it.  It did have antibacterial soap though!  Can’t complain.  I do believe the men used something else.boating 009It was a very nice little island.  I explored a bit and of course took some photos.

A fallen tree

boating 013

boating 014

Our dock

boating 011

boating 015

and a different dock

boating 016

Our Navigator, studying the charts, and driver, making sure we didn’t hit anything or get lost.  It was very relaxing for us.  Not sure about them.boating 019

This is about the size of the island that we could afford but I am not sure the birds would give it up.

boating 008 I couldn’t really see what I was taking pictures of, because of the glare from the water but they didn’t turn out too badly.

A lonely sailboat

boating 020Hey, a church!

boating 021

The beautiful sun

boating 022

This is where our dinner reservation wasboating 023

It looked nice from the water and it was even better once we got there.boating 024We decided to get the boat out of the water and get changed and walk around a bit.

Here is Candice waiting patiently for Mike to back the trailer in.  He did amazing as he had to maneuver around a guy who decided to leave his car and boat right in the middle above the ramp.

boating 025

boating 026We got changed. Us in the bathroom and Ron and Mike were able to get into the beautiful change rooms (which we checked out later) No fair.

But, I do think we cleaned up better.

You decide

boating 028

boating 035

boating 037

boating 036boating 042

The grounds were beautifulboating 044

boating 045

boating 047

boating 046We had made a reservation inside and it was very pretty inside but it was quite noisy and crowded and we really wanted to eat outside.

So we chose to eat on the Patio which ended up being so nice and SO much cheaper.  Ron, the Dutchman, was happy!

They didn’t have cushions on their chairs, and I asked if they did and was told no but we have blankets.  How cool!

boating 048I just wanted to sit on it.

Candice was happy to take pictures of me because she knows I am always behind the camera.  Thank you.

boating 050

boating 049

This was my dinner.  I know, got all dressed up for pizza but it was a great pizza.boating 051Overall, it was a fabulous day to spend together.

Such generous and good people to be around.

Let’s try and make this an annual thing.  Must try that restaurant again.

Thank you

We’re on a Boat, Ya!

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