Every summer I have my family over around my parents Anniversary which is August 11th.  This year I was just returning from Ireland so I postponed it until today.

I have a rather large family, I have  5 siblings, we are all married and my one brother has six of his own children, plus some grandchildren.  So, if everyone comes, at this point it would be 36 with everyone’s significant other and nieces and nephews and grand-nieces

Today we had 31.

This is my backyard before the troops arrive.

Family Party 001

With this many people, we potluck the meal because it is too much for one person.  Since I was away I had asked my sister Holly to coordinate the food.  She did a great job except the snack person came last!  Not well planned but I will forgive her this time.  She thinks if she makes a mistake she won’t be asked to do it again but she is wrong

This is a picture after some of the troops have arrived.

Family Party 006

Noreen, brought some bread and since we didn’t have any snacks, Ron barbecued some garlic bread with cheese.


Family Party 003

It is always a good time, Lots of laughs.  Our family teases and goofs around a lot but we truly do love each other and all get along, which I think is rare. We always hope no one takes us too seriously or gets hurt by comments.

The two people who started all this chaos!

My wonderful parents, Mae Kane and Richard Kane.  Mom will turn 76 in November and Dad will be either 80 or 81 in April depending on who you ask.  You see, my dad always thought he was born in 1932 but when he got his  birth certificate  it showed he was born in 1933.  Strange but true.

Family Party 004

This is my parents youngest  grandchild Abby.

Family Party 005

She is an active little girl, involved in dance, soccer, horseback riding and lots of friends.

Alyssa, my nephew Jonathon’s girlfriend who is back at St. Lawrence this year for Vet Tech.

Family Party 007

My second oldest sister, Holly.  She recently got her hair cut and we all thought she looked much more like mom so decided to prove it.

Family Party 008

Pretty close I would say!

Nancy chatting it up with Noreen while her husband Jim, counts his fingers.

Pauline and Meredith catching up behind them.

Family Party 009

The men doing their own chatting.  Looking at the hair colour,  “one of these things just doesn’t belong here” .

Who would that be?

Family Party 010

While Holly and I were watching them talk, we couldn’t help but comment on dads new haircut/head.


Family Party 011

Family Party 012

Such a cute head!

Pauline, my sister-in-law and Meredith with her cute little smirk.

Family Party 013

My family also go  bowling once a month in the winter.  My parents love it and anybody that wants to come, just shows up and we bowl a couple of games.  If you gutter you put a quarter in the trophy bowl and whoever gets the highest score gets the money and the trophy until the next time.

My sister came with this and we all thought it was a bowling ball…

Family Party 014

Perfectly round watermelon

Holly, always the joker…

Family Party 015

Soon our get together s will  be increased by one at least we are pretty sure it is just one.

Family Party 016

Melissa will have a third  born early October.

This is Abby again and Melissa’s two Scarlett and Jocelyn.

Family Party 017

They stopped for a few minutes, then this happened…

Family Party 018

Family Party 020

Family Party 019

Time to eat all this wonderful food everyone contributed

Family Party 022

And eat we did

Family Party 023

Pauline sitting with all her friends and Ron slaving over the BBQ

Family Party 024

Swimming happened after dinner even though the pool was rather cold.

Family Party 026

Family Party 027

Holly wanted me to take a “nice” picture of her and Brent.

REALLY?? How old are you Holly!!! LOL

Family Party 028

Lets try again

Family Party 029


Nice to get a picture of the girls and mom!

Family Party 034

That’s our better side!

Family Party 036

Me, Nancy, Mom, Holly and Noreen

Family Party 037

Family Party 039

Then I had to get one of the boys and dad of course

Family Party 041

And Abby had to get in there too!

Family Party 040

By the way,  dad had a shirt tucked in his shirt, he has not gotten fat over dinner.  Ron gave out shirts that were made for the World Police Fire Games.  They were a hit OR everyone just took one and will use it as a rag, we will never know.

Overall, we had a great day and the rains stayed away.  Always a good time. We did miss Todd and Stephanie and Ryan.  Here’s hoping we can all meet up again soon.

But, someone really needs to buy a mansion so we can all fit in.

Thanks for a great day and more memories

Family Day

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