Today was another day of exploring Dublin City.  There is just so much to see!

Ron really wanted to do the Guinness Tour so we had to go back.

We took the Dart again to Pearce St. and started walking to the George Street area so we could find a meeting place for 3 hours or so when the tour was over.

On our way we say this very cool mall.  I do find they many of their buildings are decorated with beautiful flowers.

I asked Ron to take a picture of the building and not worry about me so much although I wanted to be in the picture.  I took this one to show what I meant.


and this is the first picture he took


We all have our strengths



After we decided we would meet up again at Chatham and Grafton, Ron walked to the tour and I started to meander through the shops.  I started with some of the second-hand stores but today the prices seemed a bit high. I have no idea how much I walked today.  I should have worn my pedometer.

I was getting hungry so I bought a sandwich at Starbucks believe it or not, as I had a gift card from a friend.  I then walked to an area so I could eat it outside, pulled out my book and ate and read for a half-hour or so.  It was grand!

The day before, we had stumbled upon a store that was offering some ice-cream samples and I had meant to go back and get some.  I decided that since it was such a beautiful and rather warm day. I would do that today.  I had been given a card with all the ice-cream flavors on it but realized there was no address.  I thought “no problem” I will find it.  Well, I DID find it but not for a while and not before I took many streets and alleyways and asking.

This is one of those alleys


It was called Cocoa Atelier and I had the Earl Grey with Lemon.  It comes in a very small carton with a spoon that is the equivalent of a scoop and a half.  I walked again to a seating area, popped open my book and savoured the cool taste in my mouth.

I needed to do some more exploring and shopping. I found this little gem in the middle of the street.  I don’t even like Olives.


I took these for Amy because she loves Olives!


I also had to go to the Powers Court Center.  There is a story to it but quite frankly I can’t remember.   I just know it was beautiful inside.


There were lots of little shops and a couple eatery’s but basically way over my price range.

There are lots of musicians playing along the Pedestrian walks.  This group of young men were very good and drew quite a crowd.


Ron took a little longer than he thought so we didn’t get a chance to do see all the things we wanted to see but here are a few.

This is a place called Garden of Remembrance

It is shaped like a cross and in remembrance of those that died to make the Republic of Ireland a free country.Under the water, there are tiles that show  crosses and swords .


This is the other end of it that shows the  actual cross.P1050055

This is the GPO, the General Post Office where the men took over it until they were bombed out.  You can see the small chunks of pillars missing on the columns from the battle that took place 1916.


That’s all for the history lesson for today and I can’t be sure it is totally accurate.  Not really my thing,, although I do find it interesting,, it doesn’t always stick in my head.

Until we meet again

More of Dublin City

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2 thoughts on “More of Dublin City

  1. hilarious that you posted the 3 pics of the mall… you’re too funny. I saw the olive pic and started drooling, thinking.. she posted this just for MEEEE, and then saw your comment.. HA HA!! And to think you weren’t impressed with Dublin at first. Love that you and Ron split up to do your own things for a while. I kept saying to bill in Rochester, that we should do that.. 🙂 we’ll know for “next time”. 🙂

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