Our last night in Rostrevor, we drove to Warrenpoint.

Ron, of course, wanted to celebrate his Gold Medal win. He wore his medal to dinner!

We went to the Whistledown Hotel. This was the view of where I was sitting.


 Ron had fish and chips, quite frankly, because he didn’t care about diet tonight. He also, of course had a Guinness. I had a cider, strawberry and lime. Yum! But, oh so filling.


We then went for a walk around Warrenpoint and then back to the same restaurant for dessert and coffee.  Found a church first!


Monday morning breakfast wasn’t until 10:00 so Ron was able to start putting his bike together because sadly he didn’t sell it.  After breakfast, we were off but Ron had to stop and see this monument.


 It is called the Ross Monument.  He burned down the White House in 1814 in retaliation for burning down houses in York.

The drive to Galway was long and rather boring. A lot like driving on the 401. Once we got to Galway, trying to find the B&B proved to be a bit of a challenge.  You see the Irish don’t believe in street names. Our GPS we rented was not charged and they gave us the wrong charger.  So, we stopped to ask a man and he was helpful to some extent but, street names would be very helpful.

We finally arrived and quickly brought in our luggage, changed, and headed to Barna for a bite to eat.

This our B&B room at Kilbrack House.


Not quite as nice as the previous one but we are only here for two nights.


We then went to Galway City Centre which was packed with people due to the horse races! Which are VERY popular here.

Kind of reminds me of New York City, Little Italy, a bit.


We did a lot of walking which felt great after sitting in the car.

 I was able to find a couple of churches



and this cute little store that I might try something from tomorrow when we go back.


They have some really old stone buildings, which I appear to be drawn to for some reason.


Ron needed to get something else to eat because he didn’t have lunch so was still hungry and got some fries and this is how they came


This little girl and her friend were running back and forth and hopping over these posts.  It was cute! Couldn’t resist a picture.


We stopped at a pub and heard our first live Irish music.  Kind of neat as everyone was singing along.  Well, at least the Irish people.



Well, here’s hoping it doesn’t rain tomorrow. So much was closed we need to go back

Until we meet again

Leaving Rostrevor and Arriving in Galway

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One thought on “Leaving Rostrevor and Arriving in Galway

  1. love the churches.. so rich in history. esp. love the red doors, they looked like they were freshly painted. Surprised to hear he had “A” beer.. in his interview, he stated he was going to have several Guinness. LOL. Too bad about the GPS, if you had one, you could have gone off the main road, and seen more interesting countryside. but thank goodness you still arrived!

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