I kind of missed yesterday.  It was not a pleasant day for weather.

Although, I did prove that Meredith’s jacket I borrowed is indeed weatherproof.

Yesterday Ron did not end up going for a bike ride since it was literally pouring rain and he for sure didn’t want to get hurt before his race on Saturday.

We ended up going to Belfast so he could register for his event and we walked around a bit there.  It was pretty uneventful and can’t say I really liked Belfast.  Maybe it was the rain but I did not take one picture.

Today started off just as dreary as yesterday.  Pouring rain thrashing against the windows as we ate breakfast.

Ron decided to hold off on his ride until later in the afternoon and we headed off to Kilkeel.

Driving is very interesting here.  These pictures don’t really do it justice.  The roads, at times, are extremely narrow.


I would not want to put even my hand out the window as it may be taken off, we are that close to the side of the road and it’s obstacles.


It had stopped raining on our way and we were able to walk around without getting our feet wet.

There wasn’t much to see in Kilkeel.  Ron did ask at a store why the bike shop was closed and was told, “well, it is Thursday afternoon”.  Who knew?

We did hear a story about this graveyard.


It has a locked gate on it and is opened during the day and closed at night to prevent vandalism.  One day a lady was locked in; didn’t get out soon enough.  She was 80 years old. Maybe she was picking her site or visiting friends, I was not told, nor was I told how she got out.  Maybe she is still there?

On our way out of town, we saw these lovely homes. Competition?



We got back to Rostrevor and the B&B to no rain and a bit of sun, so I quickly put on by running gear and Ron put on his cycling gear and we were off.  I did not take my camera as I did not want it banging around while I ran.  I ran for about an hour and it was awesome.  Wore off a few fish and chip dinners, I hope.

Got back to B&B showered and walked to have a tea, scone and some reading.

On the way, I took these photos.

P1040821This is across from our B&B. A bit of fog.


I am liking churches and would like to start taking some in each of the places we travel not only here in Ireland bu anywhere.



A narrow street that was cute


A stone wall.  Don’t ask…


And my destination, where I read for a long time sipping tea.  I have no idea what time I arrived or what time it was when I left.  I have no watch.  I guess you could say I am on vacation.


Until we meet again


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  1. somehow i totally missed this post, i just found it!! love the elderly people sign. What a nice place to sit and sip tea! such beautiful views, thanks for sharing!

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