July 29, 2013

 Ron and I are at the Toronto Airport after a bit of a stressful morning.  I tried to check in on-line for our flight before we left and couldn’t for some reason. So I called Air Transat to see what the issue was.  Come to find out that we do not have an E-Ticket.  Yikes!  A woman who works with Ron had booked our flight and didn’t realize she had not sent anything and actually thought Air Transat would send it automatically.  After about an hour, we finally get an email with the E-ticket but too late to check in on-line.

So, off we go to Toronto.

It is now 6:41 p.m. and we are through check in and security. This went very quickly due to Ron have a bike bag that was quite huge so the attendant didn’t want him to drag it through the maze to get to the front of the line.  She pulled us through another line to get us done right away.  That was a blessing.

Now comes security,  once again this was very quick.  There were 3 people in wheelchairs and walkers going through the same time as us and apparently they look more like terrorists than we did so they were more concerned about them.  Thank you Lord!  NOT that we had anything to hide but even my underwire bra didn’t cause them concern as it usually does.

So now we wait for boarding the plane.

8:50, on the plane which is HUGE.  Been about 27 years since we have flown on such a big plan.  Holds about 347 people.

This is an overnight flight so of course we are both hoping to sleep a bit.  We do find out we get served not one but two meals.  This seems unusual to me but we will take it.

The plane is freezing and stupid me didn’t bring a sweater but thankfully I have a sharing husband who gave me his and he froze.  We of course are too cheap to pay the $7 for a blanket!

I try to sleep but have some issues with my right leg that I can’t even begin to describe.  Okay, it is like a spasm/cramp sort of thing that won’t stop.  I dozed a bit here and there but not much sleep at all.

We land and head off to collect our luggage which goes smoothly and without incident and then find the car rental place.

We take a shuttle to collect our car, end of up paying an atrocious amount for insurance and head off to Rostrevor.

The road is M1 which is pretty much like the 401 except you drive on the wrong side of the road, on the wrong side of the car. Weird!


We arrive at The Sands B&B in just over an hour without any trouble. EXCEPT, the battery on the GPS we rented with the car was dying so we tried to connect the charger and we were given the wrong charger.  We made it to the B&B before it died. Yay!

The B & B is lovely inside and out.


The balcony window at the top is our room.


When we arrive at the B&B, we are a bit early and also hungry so we ask where we could get some lunch and let them get our room ready.  It is close by so we decide to walk since we have been sitting for hours at this point.

We are told to either go to The Old School House or Kilbroney House.  We opt for The Old School House because we miss school,  NOT, because it looks cute and not expensive!!


We head back to the B&B and on our way see this sign which is why we came here.  Of course Ron needed a picture.


We arrive back at the B&B and are shown to our room which is very nice.  We bring in our luggage and get settled and then Ron would like to check out the trails that he will be riding on for the race.  We look outside our lovely balcony window and see it is POURING rain and decide to hold off for a bit.  Literally, 10 minutes later it clears.  We can actually see the trails from our room but decide to drive due to the inclement weather.

We check out the trails, Ron, much more in-depth than me, and he seems satisfied. Now he wants a beer!

It is now about 4:30 Ireland time which is 8:30 p.m. for us and we have been up for over 24 hours at this point.

We go to a few pubs and settle on the Kilbroney House which is lovely.  Ron orders his Guinness and a plate of fries.  At this point, I am having trouble keeping my eyes open.

He finishes his beer and we go back to the B&B and just want to go to bed.

We start to watch a movie which doesn’t last long and fall asleep.  It is 6:00 pm, 11:00 for us .  Crazy!

I wake up and it is very bright out and I smell eggs.  I get up to see what time it is.  Look at Ron’s watch, which is the only time instrument I can find and it says 7:50.  I am so confused.  Is it 8 in the morning? Has it gotten dark yet?  I wake Ron to ask and he says we have only been asleep for a couple of hours. I tell him “but I smell eggs”!

I pull out the laptop and check to see what time it is here.  It is 8pm.  Ron is right!

I go back to sleep, thank goodness and sleep until 8 a.m. and get up and we actually have eggs for breakfast.


This is where we get to eat breakfast.

And believe it or not, we had eggs for breakfast!

This is the traditional Irish breakfast.  Fried everything! Soda bread, white and black pudding, eggs, sausage and of course white and blood black pudding.


Now we are ready for the day.  At the moment, Ron is putting his bike together for a ride while I blog then he will go for a ride and I will go for a run then we will be going to Belfast for the day.

Until we meet again.


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  1. i’m not too sure about that breakfast….white and black and blood pudding? first thing in the morning.. i might gag a little…

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