Last night a friend text me asking if we would like to come for dinner tonight.

Who in their right mind would pass up a free meal, right? So I, of course I said yes. She said not to bring anything. Well, if I told my mom that I wasn’t taking anything, I would get a whoopin..okay maybe not a whoopin’  but she would not be happy.

You always take something with you and you never return a dish empty. Simple life rules from my mom, Mae Esther Martha Keller Kane.

Thanks mom!

Before I get into what I baked,you get to hear about my day. I got up about 8:30 (I know but I did start my vacation today).

Popped into the shower, shampooed  my hair, put conditioner in, shaved my legs, you know the usual…… and in that order….just so you know.  Getting ready to rinse out the conditioner and BAM! No water. I still have soap all over me but get out and decide to check the fuses (after discussing with my husband). We haven’t had rain in like forever so we are worried our well has run dry. Please God, no!  Well, the fuse change seems to work so back I go in the shower and waste no time in sticking my head under the water to get the conditioner and BAM again no water. So, now I am just ticked so get in the pool and get the conditioner out. Weird I know, but what is a girl supposed to do??

Long story well…..long. It is NOT our well, at least so far. Thank you God.

It is our water tank and this guy will come in a couple of hours with an air compressor to give us some pressure and one week of water.

Well, that gives me two hours to get out and get my ingredients for my recipe.

Off to Loblaws I go.

Okay I would have been home much sooner if Loblaws didn’t have Joe clothing. Every time I get groceries I tell myself NOT to go to the clothing section but somehow my cart pulls me there. I can’t explain how it happens it just does.

I get home after 2 hours and 3 minutes, afraid I have missed the workmen. I hope not because I would really like to shower this week. I begin to make Raspberry Ginger Scones which I have made before. I am half way through and they show up. Thank goodness I didn’t miss them.

They  get in the oven, not the workmen, but the scones, and I begin the next recipe for tonight.

I begin the grapefruit zest. The smell is great but even better after you grind it into the sugar.  Very fragrant indeed!

You mix that with butter in the mixer then add 3 egg yolks until fluffy and slightly lighter in colour. Add flour and salt.

At this point I realize I need whole milk which I don’t have because we drink skim. I decide to go down the road about 5 minutes to a new creamery just opened. Get in the car and realize I am running on empty. Good  thing there is a gas station on the way.

After gas I arrive at this new store.

I buy the Organic whole milk which is not cheap but I can only assume, awesome.

I get back home, squeeze 1/3 cup grapefruit juice and alter that with 1 cup of the milk.

This mixture is loose and soupy.

I have to put this mixture in another bowl and clean this one and dry it because I now have to while up the 3 egg whites with cream of tartar and sugar.

Being whipped

After whipped

Fold this into the other mixture but not too much. Pour it into either 6 ramekins or one bowl. This bowl you place into a pan and add boiling water up to the middle of the bowl.

Cook for about 40 minutes or until top is browned.

It doesn’t  look anything like Joy’s picture but I hope it tastes as good as she says. I will keep you posted, literally!

Until we meet again


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4 thoughts on “Grapefruit??

  1. that shower situation sounds vaguely familiar….. 🙂

    and … that souffle has my mouth watering!!!

    1. Well, the shower situation I apologize for. Hopefully it won’t happen again but I make no promises.
      As for the souffle I think I needed to cook it a bit longer it was a bit runny on the bottom but did taste good.

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