Okay, I just have to say, it is freakin’ hot.

I got home from work and our house was 91 degrees Farenheit!


So, obviously anything using an oven or stove was out of the question, so this is what I chose.

We love pancakes for supper (as you have seen with other posts) but this one was even more supperish, if that is even a word.

Remember me saying I don’t play with recipes much, in one of my earlier posts… well, I think that is a bit of a fib.  I won’t say it is an out-and-out lie but clearly I do substitute now and then and this recipe was no exception.

It called for potatoes but I chose to use Yams or Sweet Potatoes as Eliot loves them and they are colourful too.

I ended up doubling the recipe as I didn’t think it would be enough and I am glad I did.

You need to shred the zucchini and potatoes and then let them drain.  Thank goodness for Food Processors.

You cook the onions until transparent then add some garlic.

Set this aside.

Whisk the eggs then before adding the zucchini and potatoes, squish out as much water as possible.

Mix it all up and then add to the frying pan patting down with a fork.

Here they are all ready to eat.  I actually bought some Greek Yogurt with Honey for the tops and I have to say OH MY GOSH it was amazing.

Hopefully I will soon be able to post another incredible dessert but not until the weather cools a bit.  No air conditioning makes for no posts

Until we meet again!

It’s Hot

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One thought on “It’s Hot

  1. I feel like such a dunce. I meant to add zucchini in my next batch of potato pancakes, and then just completely forgot. These look great. Thanks for reminding me; apparently I need a lot of help remembering such things. Yum.

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