I made these one night for dinner because quite frankly I like pancakes for supper and rarely

do I have the time to make them and enjoy them for breakfast.

There is nothing super exciting about them but just that little bit different than the usual pancake.

If you set your oven to 200 degrees F, you can keep the pancakes warm while you cook them all.

This saves you getting up from the table in the middle of a bite to flip them.

Cook them just like any other pancake.

I did not make the glaze this time as I didn’t want quite that much sugar for dinner.

It is powdered sugar, orange juice and maple syrup. YUM!

I did add maple syrup because well,  you just have to.

And this happens after dinner.

Not quite sure how he does it on a full stomach but makes me laugh every time.

Until we meet again

Dinner?? I think so.

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