So, it is Easter Weekend and I decided to do some baking since my son Eliot and his girlfriend were coming for dinner.

 You can sign up with Joy the Baker to receive these gifts.  It’s about $25 but the items you receive are worth way more than that.  You receive something every 3 months I think.

So, being as I LOVE opening gifts (hint, hint), I signed up.  The first one I received in the mail was this

All the ingredients to make these cupcakes.

There were a few other things included like a gift card for King Arthur Flour and a bowl scraper.  By the way, I need to find where I put that, I could have used it today.

I popped those wonderful coloured cupcake liners in my muffin tins…

They are kind of Easterish aren’t they?

So this is a pretty easy cupcake recipe which uses your basic ingredients, flour,  sugar, baking powder, baking soda etc.

BUT, you also get to use Espresso Powder and Double Dutch Cocoa.  Now, my question is why Double Dutch?  Do they skip while producing? I am not sure but it is very delectable! (nice word, eh?)

Look at all that chocolateness!!

You mix all the ingredients and drop the batter in the liners.  Pretty darn easy! I think even Ron could do this.

They go in the oven for about 20ish minutes .

While they are cooking, you mix up the icing.  I was a little slack on picture-taking for this part.  I think I was making a few things at once and kind of forgot. Bad me!

Although, icing is icing, right? EXCEPT, my icing didn’t quite work out.  It was quite thick and not too spreadable.

But, I did manage to get them iced.  Here they are all ready to eat.

These really were not my favourite.  The icing was a bit to much of a coffee taste for me and I found the actual cupcakes a wee bit boring.  My opinion, other views are welcome

 Until me meet again

Deep Dark Mocha Cupcakes

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