Okay, my hair is braided, not really sure why, just thought it would be fun since it has been awhile, AND my apron is on.  By the way, I LOVE aprons.

Hint! Hint!

Great gift for my birthday or Christmas. It must be a fun apron though, none of this gingham stuff.  I made one for Meredith for Christmas and I loved it.  I think she did too. I should have made two.  Okay, off topic…. time to bake.

Today I am excited to make not 1 but 2 recipes from Joy the Baker.  One at a time of course because if we mix up the ingredients (no pun intended, okay it was intended) they may not be edible.

So first I am making

She suggests, almost orders, you to put a rack in the center of the oven.  I am always unsure of this.  Am I required to measure?  Where exactly is the center?  I did not measure, please don’t tell.

I just want to pause….. to say that I love Parchment Paper.  It is my new best friend.  No burning, sticking or  mess.  You just throw out the paper after baking, throw the pan back in the cupboard.

Easy, Peasy!!

Wet ingredients in one bowl and dry in the other.  Nothing new hear, let’s move on.  It asks for fresh ground nutmeg, which of course, if I had read this recipe a bit more thoroughly earlier this week rather than five minutes before I started, I would have bought nutmeg.  Does anyone actually know what nutmeg looks like.  Apparently someone does, because I did find some already ground nutmeg in my pantry.  This is what I used.

Calls for 10 tablespoons of butter, not 1/4 cup, not 2/3 cup or any other “cup” portion.  That’s because 10 tablespoons is exactly that 10 tablespoons.  Believe me, I checked.

So, you  grate the butter!  What a fantastic idea. That I will remember for the rest of my life.  Unless of course I get Alzheimer’s, then maybe not.

You were supposed to “incorporate quickly” the butter into the flour mixture but how could I possibly NOT take a picture of this awesome result of the grating.  Well, quite frankly, I couldn’t.

I actually had ginger in my freezer that I kept.  For this very reason apparently!  Who knew.  Obviously chopped was the idea here.

Okay, don’t look at the weirdly shaped bent fork, ( not my fault, I workout, or maybe a cheap fork), but look at the chopped ginger and yummy raspberries.

You are not supposed to mix too much in order for the raspberries not to become squishy.  That is pretty hard to do, let’s just say I did my best.

Put the batter on a floured surface and flour your hands.  No proof of hand washing this time.  You will have to take my word for it.  Form into a rough circle about 1 1/2 inches thick.  Once again, I did not measure.

 Here is my island in the midst of baking.  I should have shown the before picture, it was much neater.  Maybe I will have a picture of the after the after.  If you understand that, you are a wee bit scary.

Ready for the oven!

This is the part of the recipe I love the most.  And of course the left over raspberries. Sorry for the blurriness, I was drooling.

Oh my, they are sooooooo good!


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2 thoughts on “Scones

  1. grating butter? how novel! and you have a measuring tool to measure butter in tablespoons???? i want one of those!

    ok, i may need this recipe.. those look DIVINE!!!!

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