My daughter Meredith got me hooked on Joy the Baker and bought me her first ever cookbook for Christmas.  She is great, both Meredith and Joy!  So, I thought since I am not overly creative (i.e. I most often follow the recipe) and I loved the movie “Julie and Julia”…. you know where I am going with this, right??

I am not Joy the Baker but Hope the baker with a small “b” but I am going to try to cook most or all of the Joy the Baker cookbook recipes.  This could take a while, possibly the rest of my life, so be patient!! But, come to think of it, nobody will probably read this blog so it doesn’t really matter.

So,  first up

You had to use a cast iron frying pan. I have never cooked with a cast iron in the oven before.  Glad I had one to begin with.  And glad my oven was clean.

I am almost out of whole wheat flour and baking soda, I guess if I am going to do this I better stock up on ingredients.

Cold butter cut in cubes.

Proof I washed my hands before sticking them in the flour, butter etc.

I didn’t have goat cheese but I did have feta so I used that instead.

Hey, I guess I am creative, who knew?

Look at that, isn’t that cute, they match.

After mixing it all up, you have to take the frying pan out of the oven because it has been in the oven while it preheated,

You add some butter to coat the pan nicely.

 Sizzle, Sizzle!

Now comes the fun part, okay maybe not so much but we are getting closer to the fun part!  Eating them.  Dropping them by 1/4 cupfuls in the pan.

Okay I do have a bit of a fetish, I must have the light on in the stove and watch things bake.  I don’t know, maybe I was afraid of the dark as a child.  Who knows.

You only cook them for 14 to 16 minutes, but I had to do it a bit longer as mine seemed to be a bit soft.  Maybe 2 minutes more max

Here they are right out of the oven, still in the frying pan, nice and hot.

Here they are on a nice blue plate because there is enough batter to make more.  How awesome is that?

I couldn’t wait any longer.  They are delicious.  My husband loved them too.  Actually stated numerous time how good they were.  I guess they were a hit.

Yeah ME!

So, there it is, my first real POST.  How did I do?  It certainly took me longer to post then it did to make the biscuits. Overall, I would say both were a good experience.

Until we meet again

The first of many I hope!

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  1. OK… I have to comment. First of all, I’m proud of you for doing this. It’s FUN! LOVE, love LOVE the photos that go along with each step (esp the hand washing one, lol). AND, I’ve never heard of baking biscuits in the oven… cool idea. And, I’m quite inspired to add feta and/or goat cheese and try this in my own biscuit/scone recipe! Keep going, Hope! And… I believe people will come.

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